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It all Boils Down to Feeling Valued

Updated: Apr 2

We’ve all heard the expression that people don’t leave organizations, they leave leaders. And it’s true, people do leave because of their leaders – all the time. But it’s not just leadership that opens that door, it’s their experience with their leader and with the organization as a whole. And ultimately it always boils down to whether or not they felt valued within their organization.

That sense of value can manifest itself in different ways for different people. For some, it can be as simple as communicating appreciation for the contributions being made. In fact, this is likely foundational for most of your team. But it doesn’t stop there. Competitive wages convey a tangible sense of how valued team members are, as do health benefits, time off policies, expectations of overtime, etc.

There are many other ways that a sense of value can be instilled within your culture. Are leaders respectful in their interactions? Do they have the emotional intelligence to communicate well? How does communication work within your organization? Do you keep employees informed about the vision and current strategies and organizational changes? Do you seek input and ideas from staff? Do you encourage innovation? Is there a sense of trust both of employees and by employees?

Simply holding regular one-one meetings with your team members and taking time to really be present in those meetings is a powerful way to show that value. Showing up to those meetings on time, without last minute schedule changes, prepared to discuss observations, provide guidance and to ask questions is key. Some of those questions might just be “What makes you feel valued in our workplace” or “What could help you feel more valued in our workplace”? You’ll be surprised at what you learn.


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