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Bullying and Harassment

I read a post on LinkedIn recently about toxic work environments.  I’ve worked in one or two toxic environments in my career and I know others who have as well. 

What really struck me about this post was the multitude of responses from hundreds (probably thousands by now) of people who shared their own stories of the toxic environments that they have worked in or are working in.  How is it that so many people are experiencing a level of toxicity that is impacting them in such a negative way?

I remembered a WorkSafeBC video I had come across on the subject of Bullying and Harassment.  I liked this video because it made me feel.  This video made me feel what the recipients of bullying and harassment feel.  It made me care on a very human level, about ensuring this didn’t happen to people. 

And while this video occurs in an industrial environment, it’s easy to see how this behaviour can surface in any industry and it’s easy to see how critical leadership is to shutting down toxicity and bullying and harassment.  As one CEO says “Every smart CEO has to ensure that it doesn’t happen in their company and they have to lead by example”.

The video is just over 6 minutes long and its work a look:


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